There’s nothing like a pandemic to make you start thinking about your mortality — and your estate planning. Online sites for the preplanning of wills and funeral arrangements have seen as much as a 100 percent increase in traffic since the onset of COVID-19.

The Archdiocese of Denver offers another alternative for your Catholic preplanning needs with its numerous services through the Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services, one of more than 40 ministries funded by the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal.

Whether or not you have your preplanning completed, you may also be thinking about the legacy you want to leave behind. The Catholic Foundation is a trusted estate planning resource for members of the Archdiocese.

They provide numerous products, like donor-advised funds, planned gifts, and endowments, to help you support your parish, ministries and other charities, that mean the most to you.

This service was attractive to Walt and Ellyn Coughlin, St. Vincent De Paul parishioners, who set up a donor-advised fund through The Catholic Foundation nearly three years ago.

The process streamlined the numerous fundraisers they wanted to participate in throughout the year, for instance, to help their parish, for emergency COVID funding and the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal. Now they make their donations through the fund with a simple grant request.

“It not only saves time on paperwork and taxes, it enables us to be more thoughtful about our gifts,” said Walt Coughlin.

The Catholic Foundation can also help set up and process: wills, planned gifts, endowments, charitable gift annuities, IRA charitable rollovers and gifts of cash, stock or real estate.

“It not only saves time on paperwork and taxes, it enables us to be more thoughtful about our gifts.”

Walt and Ellyn Coughlin

Funds that are invested and gifted through The Catholic Foundation follow the guidelines of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, so donors have the security of knowing their money will always be invested in a morally responsible way.

“The Lord calls each of us in our Catholic faith to be good stewards of his blessings,” said Deacon Steve Stemper, The Catholic Foundation CEO and President.

Deacon Steve also noted “This is not just a service for the elderly or wealthy. More young families are considering these life-planning services and Church legacies. Every family should consider these life-planning services.”

The Catholic Foundation provides service to all and is a legally separate entity from the Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Denver.

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